GAOXIAN Cat6 UTP cable exceeds all ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC requirements . Utilizing GAOXIAN cable is the ideal way to ensure optimum channel performance.


Modular Jack, Category 6, UTP, white, T568B

Implementation Standards


Quality Warranty

15 years warranty


Model no.GXCAT6-UM-GC
Product TypeModular Jack
Performance LevelCategory 6
Shield TypeUTP
Conductor Gauge (AWG)22~26AWG
Implementation StandardsANSI/TIA568C.2,ISO/IEC11801-1:2008,YD/T1019-2013,YD/T926.2-2009
Applications support1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T, 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3af(Type1 PoE), IEEE 802.3at(Type2 PoE), IEEE 802.3bt(Type3 PoE), IEEE 802.3bt(Type4 PoE)
Min.Dielectric Withstand Voltage(contact to contact) 1000V DC or AC peak
CompatibilityBackwards to Cat5e
Power over EthernetPoE(Type1/2/3/4) & PoE+
Operating Temperature(℃)-10~60℃
Flame ResistanceUL1581, CM level, IEC 60332-1-2, GB/T 18380.12-2008
Number of Plug Insertion & Termination CyclesPlug>1000, termination>250
Min.Plug Retention Force50N
Plug CompatibilityRJ45
Fluke StandardFluke permanent link test
Quality Warranty15 years warranty

Packaging Detail

Std. Qty1 pcs

Slot for easy operation

The top of the middle stringing post of each pair of lines is designed as a slope peak structure,

it is not necessary to untie all twisted-pair wires during construction,

the line smooth card can be connected to the corresponding card slot by means of the slope peak structure


There are two kinds of buckle: fixed buckle and movable buckle. Gaoxian engineering module uses the movable buckle, the buckle rises slightly,

make the module installed after a certain amount of outward tension to ensure that the installation firm.

Modular jack

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