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Gaoxian is a brand under Guangdong Gao Hong Meixian Information Technology Co., Ltd. It was established in the high-tech industrial zone of Luogang Science City, with its production line located in Dongguan. It is a new type of communication technology company that produces integrated wiring products. Gaoxian has a leading level in China in the design and production of wiring products. It has always been produced in a mode higher than the national standard, leading the products with technology, driving services with profession, and being well-known in the industry for its high quality.



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Brand Building

Brand building is an important part of the five elements, brand tension on the one hand, from the user side to enhance the perception of dealers easier to sell products, on the other hand, increased user stickiness

Sales Channel

The breadth of channel coverage directly determines the size of the brand in the end market, and all subsequent commercial activities are based on sales generated by channel coverage.


R&D is the core of a company, the company uses the products developed as the medium to contact with the market and users, and R&D directly determines the image of the brand in the market. Good products are always the most core competitiveness.

Supply Chain

A good supply chain and continuous optimization and improvement process are the core of price control and quality enhancement. High-quality products with competitive prices are good for users and dealers.


Fast service response is an important factor for the company to gain a foothold in the market, no matter the dealer or the customer will use the product or other aspects of the problem at all times, this time the fast response service will become a great plus point!

2014 - Birth

The Gaoxian brand was established because not only are high-end chips, software, and other products controlled by foreign brands, but the majority of profits in the comprehensive cabling product industry are also held by these foreign entities. For significant projects, Chinese project leaders do not trust Chinese brands. The domestic market is a mix of good and bad, with cheap products lacking quality and good-quality products being expensive, leading to industry chaos. With the initial intention of allowing more people to use high-quality comprehensive cabling products, the Gaoxian brand was registered and established, marked with a TM. In its early stages, it launched network patch cords and crystal heads.

2015 - Products ++

New products were launched successively because they met quality standards, were reasonably priced, and had good after-sales service, which were well received by engineering merchants in Guangzhou. The product lineup was gradually expanded to include distribution frames, modules, panels, network cables, and other products.

2016 - Breakthrough

In the Guangdong market, due to the developed manufacturing industry, there are many comprehensive cabling brands. After more than two years of cultivating the Guangzhou market, we have gained the support and trust of many customers, which has strengthened Gaoxian's determination to target the national market and pursue a path of innovative research and development. This year, we also conducted research in many IT markets across China, exploring paths to disrupt the distribution model.

2017 - R&D

Establishment of the Technology R&D Department. Gaoxian moved its office to the Guangzhou Science City, where it established a technology research and development department, laying the foundation for entering the national market.

2018 - Explore

Exploring Gaoxian's Marketing Strategies

We began to deeply think about and practice how manufacturers, distributors, engineering contractors, system integrators, and consumers can integrate. What are their pain points? With the development of the economy, what kind of basic network infrastructure do we need to build? What are the current pain points in our industry? How can we help them grow? In this year, by combining the development of mobile internet, we explored a marketing strategy suitable for Gaoxian that integrates mobile internet with offline physical entities. The number of agents in Guangzhou grew from one to more than a dozen. We know that Gaoxian's brand philosophy can certainly help more distributors and engineering contractors achieve their dreams and allow more consumers to use high-quality comprehensive cabling products.

2019- Factory

Establishing a Production Factory

We are well aware that relying solely on marketing strategies won't take us far. The development of a brand must encompass five key elements: brand, technology research and development, supply chain, service, and channels. This year, Gaoxian launched its second-generation product updates and expanded its national channel strategy, starting with Nanchang as the first move. Significant events included:

- On January 18th, the Gaoxian Future Summit was held at the Hilton in Science City.
- On June 30th, Gaoxian introduced the second-generation product updates and undertook a VI rebuild.
- On July 26th, the Gaoxian X Future New Product Launch was held at the Hilton in Guangzhou's Tianhe district.
- On August 10th, Gaoxian initiated its first national construction project in Nanchang, Jiangxi.
- On December 17th, Gaoxian was awarded the 2019 Emerging Brand Award in cabling, achieving recognition from a thousand cabling projects.

These steps, including the establishment of a factory in Dongguan and hosting various significant events, were part of Gaoxian's comprehensive strategy to strengthen its brand, innovate in product development, and expand its market reach across the country.

2020 - Training

Strengthening the Popularization of Professional Knowledge

From July 2019 to July 2020, Gaoxian's national distributors exceeded 100. We are well aware that only when our partners are professional can they spread professional ideas to more engineering merchants. In July, the Gaoxian Chongqing National Conference was held, focusing on integrating learning with the market. Key events during this period included:

- On February 4th, the national epidemic began, impacting operations and necessitating adjustments.
- On April 13th, Gaoxian held its first quarterly national channel co-building event of the year, adapting to the challenges posed by the epidemic.
- On July 27th, the Gaoxian Targeted National Distributor Conference was convened at the Marriott in Chongqing, emphasizing strategic focus and professional development.
- On August 10th, the third quarterly national channel co-building event was conducted, further solidifying Gaoxian's commitment to strengthening its distribution network.
- On December 10th, Gaoxian was awarded the 2020 Engineering Merchant Recommended Brand Award, recognizing its efforts in building a professional network and its impact on the industry.

These initiatives underscore Gaoxian's dedication to enhancing the expertise of its partners and promoting professional standards across the industry, even in the face of challenges such as the national epidemic.

2021 - Expanding

Expanding into the National Market

With the launch of Gaoxian's first generation of tool series, its national distributors now span across all provinces in China. Gaoxian invited Professor Wang Gongru, a leading authority in comprehensive cabling in China, to train its national agency partners. Significant milestones included:

- The Gaoxian National Conference in Xi'an and participation in the Shenzhen Security Expo (Anbo Conference), along with dozens of offline technical exchange meetings held nationwide, underscored Gaoxian's commitment to market expansion and professional development.
- Research and development expenditures accounted for 10% of the annual sales, highlighting Gaoxian's investment in innovation.
- On July 29th, Professor Wang Gongru conducted a closed training session for Gaoxian's national distributors at Xi'an Jiaotong University, emphasizing the importance of expertise in comprehensive cabling.
- On July 30th, the "Fear of Rework, Use It" National Distributor Conference was held at the Furong Pavilion in Xi'an, focusing on product reliability and efficiency.
- On August 1st, the "Fear of Rework, Use It" campaign and the first battle of the National Hundred Cities Weak Electricity Upgrade Plan were launched at the Guangzhou Hilton, marking a strategic initiative to improve infrastructure across the country.
- On October 21st, Gaoxian participated in the biennial Shenzhen Security Expo, showcasing its latest innovations and strengthening its industry presence.
- On December 9th, Gaoxian was awarded the 2021 Comprehensive Cabling Outstanding Brand Award, recognizing its excellence in the field.
- On December 30th, the selection of a new factory site in Dongguan was finalized, setting the stage for further production capacity expansion.

These efforts reflect Gaoxian's strategic approach to national market expansion, emphasizing professional development, innovation, and a commitment to quality.

2022- R&D ++

Increasing R&D and Production Investment

With the launch of Gaoxian's second-generation tool series, the number of national distributors exceeded 200. The factory relocation was accompanied by an additional investment of 15 million RMB, highlighting Gaoxian's commitment to expanding its production capabilities and enhancing its product offerings. Key developments included:

- In January, Gaoxian was awarded the Thousand Homes Cabling Comprehensive Cabling Craft Innovation Brand Award, recognizing its innovative contributions to the cabling industry.
- By April, the deployment of the new factory was completed, marking a significant milestone in Gaoxian's expansion efforts.
- In June, the new crystal head production line deployment was completed, and mass production of the new crystal heads began. This development represented a key step in diversifying Gaoxian's product lineup and meeting market demand for high-quality components.
- In December, the engineering patch cord production line deployment was completed, and mass production of engineering patch cords began. This move further solidified Gaoxian's position in the market by broadening its range of high-quality cabling solutions.

These initiatives demonstrate Gaoxian's strategic focus on increasing its research and development efforts and production capacity to support its growing network of distributors and to meet the evolving needs of the cabling industry.

2023 - New products

Accessory Series New Product Launch

A national distributor conference and new product launch event were held to introduce the new accessory series. This event marked a significant milestone for the company, showcasing its commitment to innovation and its continuous effort to expand its product portfolio to meet the diverse needs of the market. The conference provided an opportunity for distributors from across the country to gather, learn about the new offerings, and discuss strategies for market penetration and sales growth.

2024 - Courage

Exploring the overseas market

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