GXLXJ-12H 2.0


Cable management panel for copper cabling system.


Made of carbon structural steel

Product Size

Height:1U; Length:19U

Quality Warranty

15 years warranty


Model no.GXLXJ-12H 2.0
Product TypeCable management panel
MaterialCarbon structural steel
Product SizeHeight:1U; Length:19U
Quality Warranty15 years warranty

Packaging Detail

Std. Qty1 pcs

Carbon structural steel

The wire rack is 12-ring structure, the whole carbon structure steel, the surface is treated by fine abrasive spraying.

The position of the ring corresponds to the position of the wiring frame design, so that the bottom into line, up and down out line.


The underframe is 1.2 mm thick steel plate, the cover plate is 1.0 mm thick steel plate,

the surface of spray material is 0.1 ~ 0.15 mm thick, 48 hours salt spray test does not rust.