GXGCMB-1/2-PW 3.0


Faceplate featuring multiple advantages, made of ABS & polycarbonate. Both 1 or 2 ports are available.


ABS, Polycarbonate, 304 stainless steel compression spring

Implementation Standards

GB/T 17466.24-2008

Quality Warranty

5 years warranty


Model no.GXGCMB-1/2-PW 3.0
Product TypeFaceplate
MaterialABS, Polycarbonate, 304 stainless steel compression spring
Product size(L*W*H)86mm*86mm*10.5mm
Implementation standardGB/T 17466.24-2008
Number of ports1 / 2
ColorPearl White, matte
Quality warranty5 years warranty

Packaging Detail

Std. Qty1 pcs

99% of all compatible

Module Buckle structure design is reasonable, can be compatible with most of the modules on the market, there will not be difficult module card, card connection is not strong and so on.

Disassemble, 1s time

The face shell and bottom shell are connected by snap type, opening both sides of the disassembly structure, which can be disassembled in one second, greatly improving the construction efficiency.

Dust-proof gate

Gaoxian new-style panel dust doors are all cylindrical compression spring structure, installation of spring guide slot for the 325 ° non-closed structure, you can eliminate the spring Cottonwood.

Wider label paper

Label paper for 9mm width, width consistent with commonly used label paper, transparent strip structure easy to disassemble.


ABS & polycarbonate

Brief design